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Products We offer

To keep our valued clients satisfied, we constantly strive to meet their specific needs by offering them the best quality range. Hence, we have backed our production unit with power backup support to ensure uninterrupted production. Some of the salient features of our range includes high performance, sturdy construction and less maintenance. Our array of products is as follows:

  • Biomass gasifier
    • Rice husk Gasifier
    • Wood Gasifier (Down draft Gasifier)
    • Wood Gasifier (Up draft Gasifier)
    • Biomass Gasifier for 100 % Gas Engine from 5KW to 250 KW.


Apart from the products, we provide the following services:

  • Bio Mass Gasifier Installation
  • Rice Husk Gasifier Installation
  • Wood Gasifier Installation
  • Wood Gasifier Plant Installation

Biomass contains Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules. Complete combustion produces Carbon-DI-oxide (CO2) and Water vapor (H2O), whereas combustion under controlled conditions (partial combustion) would produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Hydrogen (H2). These are both combustible gases. Thus, solid biomass fuels which are usually inconvenient & have low efficiency of utilization can be converted into high quality gaseous fuel.

“Urja” Biomass Gasifier is a thermo-chemical catalytic Reactor or Converter that facilitates physical & chemical reactions. The biomass is passed through varied zones such as Drying/ Distillation, Combustion Pyrolysis, and Reduction Zone. When biomass passes through all these zones it gets converted into Producer Gas, which is a high quality combustible gas. Producer gas is low caloric/ low pressure gas is combusted for low cost heat as well as Power generation.

Typical Gas Composition:

CO = 19 ± 3%

CH4 = 03 ± 1%

H2 = 18 ± 2%

CO2 = 10± 3%

N2 = 50 ± 2%


Specific fuel consumption to generate 1 unit (KwHr)

D.G. Set without Gasifier



D.G. Set with Gasifier in Dual fuel mode




1 Kg

Producer Gas Genset with Gasifier





Advantages Of Biomass Gasifier

  • Low Cost Power Generation: The diesel can be saved from 5kg of Biomass
  • Avoidance of Green House Gas Emission: The Gasification of Biomass helps in recycling of CO2 which is produced through gasification and can be consumed in the Biomass Production itself. Gasification of agricultural waste rather than land filling helps in avoiding potential methane emission.
  • Reduced Acid Rain: There is no sulphur content in Biomass, and thus it can offset emission of SO2 which is a contributor to Acid Rain.
  • Waste Management Benefits: Gasification of Biomass using agricultural waste reduces Biomass volume sent for land filing and extends life of the exiting land fills. Moreover, the char produced can be very well used for making briquette with cow dung which can be further utilized as a smokeless fuel in stoves/ chullah for cooking.
  • Increased Local Job & Income: Gasification of Biomass requires various plant operations that should be managed precisely, thereby increase local jobs and income.
  • Sustainable Development: Biomass is a renewable fuel, and thus contributes to sustainable development as well as less dependency on the imported fossil fuels. Also, helps in saving development diversification and increases rural employment opportunities.
  • Carbon Trading Benefits (CDM): Using renewable source of Energy has many benefits, one is that it does not generate green house gases unlike fossil fuels. Biomass based power plants lead to reduction in CO2 emission indirectly. As a result, the promoter of such unit is entitled to monetary benefits on Carbon Trading under the Clean Development mechanism (CDM).
  • Subsidy & incentives from the Government
What is Biomass Gasifier?

Biomass Gasifier is a thermochemical reactor / convertor where various thermochemical complex reaction takes place. Viz.

  • Drying
  • Pyrolysis
  • Combustion
  • Reduction

When the biomass passes through all the above zones it gets converted to a highly combustible gaseous mixture called producer gas.

Why Biomass Gasification?

Biomass gasification is a thermochemical process to convert the biomass to combustible gas called producer gas (co + h2)

  • Highly efficient process
  • Low initial investment
  • Low cost of heat & power generation
  • Available in wide range in power generation [10 kwe to 2000 kwe]


  • Low cost power generation
  • 50% - 70% diesel saving with existing DG sets
  • 65% - 85% diesel saving with modified /recommended DG sets
  • 100% producer gas based power generation

Wide range of thermal application in:

  • Temperature of 10500 c can be achieved from producer gas alone & for higher temperature can be achieved by duel fueling.
  • Rolling mills  / annealing furnace  / boiler / thermopacks/dryers/bakery ovens.
  • Alimunium  / brass melting furnace namkeen & sweet shops / dhaba & restaurant.

Why Urja Biomass Gasifier?

  • Latest & advance technology
  • Reliable & rugged system
  • Own  r & d  team
  • Strong after sales service & customer care
  • Market leader in rice husk gasifier in India
  • Uniform pricing
  • Life time warranty

Quality Policy

Being an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, quality has always been our prime motto. To ensure this, we have developed a quality checking unit, where our entire business operations are looked after by our team of quality controllers. They ensure that, our entire range is manufactured in line with set industry standards and global quality norms. Moreover, the finished Biomass gasifier, etc. are rigorously tested just before the final delivery of the consignments to our valued clients. Some of the parameters on which we check our range include:

  • Design
  • Operation
  • Durability
  • Performance.


We have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure, which helps us to manufacture the products that complies with the international standards in quality and reliability. It is bestowed with versatile manufacturing unit and dedicated team of experts. The production unit is further laced with updated equipment for manufacturing superior quality Biomass Gasifiers. This has calibrated us to provide both small and bulk orders, as per clients requirement within the given time-frame. Moreover, the entire setup of the organization is segregated into varied autonomous departments. Each department works in close co-ordination with each other to meet the organizational goals. Apart from this, we are also equipped with a warehouse, which helps us in proper storage of our range in a proper manner.

Our Forte

Being a client-centric organization, we always strive to optimize the level of client satisfaction. On the basis of our work ethics and transparent business dealings, we have garnered huge client based all over India. Some of the reasons which made us the esteemed choice of the clients are as follows:

  • Quality range of Industrial Machinery
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Experienced team of engineers and technocrats
  • Continuous research and development
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • Proven ability in timely supply of orders.